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How to use mPassport mobile app for passport application?- PASSPORT APPLICATION

Ministry of External affairs Launches update for mPassport mobile application in June 2018. In this update, the most important feature is added which is, you can directly feel your passport application by using your smartphone. In this generation's smartphone, your population is very fast growing. So Ministry of affairs provides its application for the convenience of users. This application includes relative information about the application of passport and the related procedure, requirements, status of how to apply for a passport, what documents are required, who should apply, what should be a fee for the application, locations of passport offices, and appointment availability. In the new update, the Ministry added important keywords like new user passport application and existing user’s application. In this article, we go through with all the new and existing features of the m-Passport application. 

What contents included in the M-Passport application:

Ministry of External affairs find outs all the needs of peoples and they developed this application. In this application all the procedure is given, you can observe and follow it. This application is very useful for appointments, documents, fee, FAQ`s, and all the help you required. This application makes peoples very helpful for applying for a passport. By using this application you also can renew your existing passport. Let`s start exploring this application:

Main contents:  

Ministry of External affairs covered all the content in this application. Now you do not require to visit their website for application of passport, you can apply and complete all the procedure required for it by using this application.

Main Menu:


1. Existing User Log in
2. New User registration
3.  Status tracker
4. Appointment
5. Documents Advisor
6. Fee Calculator
7. Locate Centre
8. Annexures/ Affidavits
                this all points are covered in this application, Let`s explore all points one by one:

 1. Existing User Log in:

                The first option given in this application is the Existing User Login. If you completed your registration process at the website before, then you can go with this option. Here you have to put your Login ID and password, and log in with your existing information.

When you click at Exiting user then you get above the window, in this window put your Login Id and click at continue, In next window, you have to fill your password. If you have a problem with your password then, click at Trouble Logging in? If you are not an existing user then go with the second tab else click Register (New User) in this window.

2. New User registration:

If you are new in passport site or you never register here before then click at New User registration.  These two tabs are newly added to this application and they are very helpful ones. It helps to fill the form directly by the application. When you click at this tab you get bellows window:

On this page first, fill the passport office near you (choose an option from given) and fill your name as your certificate has. This page is the same as the website one, how to register you to passport application check out the previous article, in which I gave all the details about that. Click here to read the article.

3.  Status tracker:


Know you can check your passport progress or status by using this tab. Here you can also track your RTI (Right to Information) status. RTI is for you to know information about any topic under the Public Information Office. You just have to fill up a form and send, afterword’s you got your reply by letter to your address from Public Information Office. You just buy an application form of 10 rupees (2 rupees extra per page) fill it and send it to PIO. When you click at RTI status you got window like below:


Put your RTI reference Number and click at the track; you get your status of RTI application.
Your passports status also you can see here: Click at Application status then you will get bellows window, Fill you File number and date of birth and click at the track. At what stage your application is now you got that status. This application before mostly used for this tab, to track application status.

4. Appointment:

In the passport procedure, you have to take the appointment of any passport office near you for document verification and interview purposes. You can book your appointment at PSK`s office by using the Appointment availability tab. When you click at this tab you get bellows window,

Here you have to choose your near PSK office, click at select you get the list of main district offices, choose as per your preference. After that, you have to Enter Characters which are shown in small fig. If this picture is not visible to you or not understanding then click at change the picture displayed. Click at check availability then choose an appointment at your convenience but you have to visit at that time a PSK.

5. Documents Advisor:


Passport is a very trustable document of your proof of nationality so the documents required for it is very strict. Before aadhar-card, you have to provide more documents, but now no of documents required is less. Identity Proof, Address proof, and Date of birth proof are very necessary documents. The requirement of documents changes with what kind of passport you applying. In this application government provides all the list of a document as per kind of passport, so you can easily find out the required document. Click here for Required Documents list. 

This list is given by application (let's discuss few types.)

Documents for Fresh Passport

 In this window, you have to fill up the Type of application you are applying like you want passport very urgently then select Tatkaal, otherwise go with the Normal one. Select your age group and fill the ECR type. For ECR details and information about ECR click here.

Re-Issue of passport:

 In this tab, all the information is as same as previous here just you want to add your type of employment. Here the main document required is for reason for re-issue, like pages Exhaust, passport missing, type of passport changing, or other than above.
As like above you can check all the types of documents for all types.

 6. Fee Calculator:

 The fee required for various types of passport is different. Age also matters in fee, for fee chart government provides separate tab is Fee Calculator. In this type, you can calculate your passport application fee as per your type of passport, pages, and age. For example, the regular pages count fee is 1500 rupees and for a jumbo passport, it is 2000 rupees. This tab is converted to 4 sub-tabs
1. Fresh
2. Re-issue
3. PCC (police clearance certificate)
4. Background Verification process
Select your type and proceed, you will get exact details about the fee. Click here to know more about Fee for passport application.

7. Locate Centre:

In India PSK`s offices are spread all over, to know about PSK`s office near you this tab helps you. This tab is subdivided into the following options:
1. Passport Seva Kendra
2. District passport Cell
3. Police station
4. Mission/ post abroad
5. Passport Office.
It is very easy to use this sub-tabs for example
Locate passport office near you: Click at the Passport Seva Kendra, then you get bellows window

This process can be done through two methods:
1. By using the Passport Office tab in which you have to select your nearer district office.
2.  If you know your pin code them go with the second option, enter your pin number, and locate all the near PSK`s near you.
In this application also given FAQ`s section in which you post your queries and get answers from ministry. Also, you can go through with other people’s queries that can solve your own queries also. If still your queries or questions are not satisfied, you can call the free helpline of Passport Seva.
For customer care number and PSK`s phone number, click here.

Where you get this Application:

Ministry of external affairs makes it easy to find out this application, they provided its link in the there official website. They provide this application for all users like android, iTunes, Blackberry, and Windows. To download this application click on your operating systems logo.

For android:  click at the logo below

Or use this link:

For iTunes: 


Or use this link:

For Windows:


Or use this link:

For blackberry users:


Or use this link:

For any Help Click Here.


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