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What is ECR and Non ECR?, Documents for It? How to Change from ECR to Non ECR? And Fees required for it?

What are ECR and Non ECR Passport?

                 When we are applying for Indian Passport there are question of ECR and Non ECR which we have to select one option from both. Many peoples had this query about which option to select. These options are related to Emigration Checking requirement / eligibility of a traveler who is traveling to other countries. Those who are not adults (Not complete 18 Years) and education below matriculation (10th Standard) comes under ECR. If anyone wanted to visit as tourists then there is no difference in process.
                If anyone is going at working visa for abroad then ECR people require Emigration Check. As per Emigration Act 1983, there are 18 Countries (as per below list) who those working visa require emigration check required.
 1) UAE,
2) Qatar,
3) Saudi Arabia, 
4) Oman,
5) Kuwait,
6) Iraq
7) Bahrain,
8) Brunei,
9) Indonesia,
10) Malaysia,
11) Afghanistan,
12) Sudan
13) Lebanon,
14) Libya,
15) Jordan,
16) Syria,
17) Yemen.
18) Thailand

ECR – Emigration Check Required

                In these category two types of applicants involves:

1. Children under 18 year2. Applicants below matriculation education

                These applicants requires ECR for living in above 18 countries, they have to proof their capabilities to live that country. In Emigration Check Require (ECR) members, you have to register at Protector – General of Emigration Ministry of Overseas India Affairs. You can transfer you ECR passport to Non ECR by reissue of passport by giving documents proof. You also can apply for Non ECR after applicants 50th year completion or 3 years completed living in aboard( Require minimum 365*3 = 1095 days). At the last page of passport we get the stamp of ECR to differentiate.

Non ECR – Emigration Check Not Required

                For Emigration Check Not Required category below applicants are considered:
1. All persons having education qualification of matriculation and above.
2. All holders of diplomatic/official passports.
3. All Gazetted government servants.
4. All Income tax payers.
5. All professional degree holders, such as doctors holding MBBS degree or equivalent degree in Ayurveda or homeopathy, Engineers, Chartered Accountants etc.
6. Spouse or partner and dependent children of category of person listed from 2 to 4.
7. Seamen who are in possession of CDC or Sea Cadets, Deck Cadets.
8. Who have passed final examination of three years B.Sc. Nautical Science Courses a T.S. Chanakya, Mumbai
9. Persons holding permanent Immigration Visa such as the Visas of UK, USA and Australia.
10. Who have undergone three months pre-sea training at any of the Government approved Training Institute such as T.S. Chanakya, T.S. Rehman Etc.
11. Persons possessing two years diploma from any institute recognized by national council for vocational training (SCVT) or persons holding three years diploma/equivalent degree from institution like polytechnics recognized by central/state government
12. Nurses possessing qualification recognized under the Indian Nursing Council Act 1947.
13. All persons above the age of 50 years.
14. All persons who have been staying abroad for more than three years (the period of three years could be either in one stretch or broken) and their spouses.
15. All childrens up to the age of 18 years of age (At the time of 18 years, ECR stamping shall be done , if applicable).

                Applicant under 18 years can apply though Non ECR if their parents will live with them at destination . There is no emigration check required for Non ECR passports.

  How to change from ECR to Non ECR?

                If you are in category of Emigration Check Required then you can apply for Non Emigraiton check required. You can apply or reissue your passport with Non ECR with the required documents for it.

                Who Can apply for ECR to Non ECR ?

                1. Matriculation passped after passport receieved. ( Require certificate of matriculation as a document)
                2. Non matriculation passed:
                                i. Above 50th year old ( Require age proof documents)
                                ii. Income tax payers( Require income tax certificate of last one year )
                                iii. At least three years stying in abroad ( Min . 365*3=1095 days) – they can apply for non ECR in india or their living country by Indian Emmbassy.
                above two category pepole can apply for non ECR with their related documents.

You can apply for ECR to Non ECR through your passport reissue. The process is as same as new passport appllication . You get the option of Reissue when your filling a form.(Refer below image)
passport+reissue+options+selection+ECR+Non ECR+passport+seva
Select the option as Re-Issue of Passport, then you get the list of reasons why are you reissuing passport. In which select first option i.e. Change in Existing Personal Particulars. By selection of first option you get another selection like below image. You get the list of personal particulars that you can reissue your passport, select delete ECR from this list. After selection of these option you have fill No of pages you required for your passport and Type of passport i.e. Normal or Tatkal . After these selections you get the same pages to fill as we fill up for new passport application.

                After form fill up, you have to go for document verification at your selected PSK office with related documents, after this document verification next step is police verification and then you get the new passport with Non ECR.

 Documents Required for Appling for Non ECR:

  •   Old passport
  •    First two and last two pages Xerox with self-attested
  •    ECR or Non ECR page photo copy of your old passport
  •    If any authority observation having in your passport then took photocopy of that.
  •    Validity extension page (If it is for short validity)
  •     Eligibility documents of that category as mentioned above
  •     Age proof or address proof (Aadhar Card)

Fee Required For Change ECR to Non ECR:

                For passport reissue fee required is same as the new passport application. If you’re applying for normal passport and 36 Pages of passport then you have to pay 1500 Rs. for it. Refer below image. If you require your passport earlier and your applying from tatkaal then you have to pay 2000 Rs. for it, and if you applying for 60 pages if booklet then also you have to pay 2000 Rs for it.
fee+passport+reissue+ECR+Non ECR+passport+seva


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